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About the book

Sneek peek at the book.
It is being translated into English right now!

This is a history book describing how to perform and the history behind over 30 different games and sports. It spans between the Viking age and the early 20th century.

The first edition will be in English. We are right now having the book translated and adjusted from our native Swedish language.

It is nearly finished and the 21:St of October 2014 a crowdfunding event on Kickstarter.com (Link to the event will come soon) will begin. There you can pre order your copy that will ship to you just before Christmas.

Olof Johansson is the Nestor of old games and sports and has gathered ancient documents on the subject for over 20 years. Martin Wande is a senior information designer and professional illustrator specialized in making ordinary people understand complex information.
Together we have spent many years performing and teaching others how to play these ancient games and sports. With our special abilities we have created this ultimate game book from our rich but forgotten cultural heritage of fun.

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It has begun…

Our new book

This is the first post starting off the historic game book we are making.

I Martin Wande and Olof Johansson are writing, photogaphing and illustrating a completely new and fun book about what our ancestors did for amusement. It spans all the way from the Viking age to the pre industrial age and our goal is to spread our cultural heritage of fun!

Like the Facebook page so you don’t miss the first edition at the crowdfunding event that will start in a few weeks.